What is a.i. ?

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What is a.i. ?

A.I stands for Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science in which we learn how a machine can perform and regulate a task which needs human intelligence. In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence made by human which is capable of learning and improving itself based on the given data. We can consider an example of DALL-E-2 A.I. which is capable of generating prime pictures or photos based on given inputs.

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of  machine but it is different from general machines like computer, printer etc. because these machines are static and can only work on the basis of data given to them and the logic which are inserted in them previously but an A.I. machine is always improving itself by clarifying data again and again and getting the highest positive result.

In general, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the study and implementation of various techniques and algorithms to enable machines to learn, adapt, perceive and make decisions. An Artificial Intelligence is capable of problem solving, puzzle solving, learning, pattern recognition, natural language understanding and decision making.

how artificial Intelligence works ?

you might have heard about the automatic room light which works on the basis of sensor intelligence, whenever a person enters in the dark room it automatically recognizes the presence and turns on the light. So how a machine can be so intelligent that it can recognize the presence of  someone and behave according to that.

An artificial intelligence is an advance machine that can learn, visualize, recognize or examine the pattern easily. Let see how artificial intelligence makes itself as more advance machine in the modern technology:

  1. As Artificial Intelligence is the vast system, so it requires more data to learn. This data can be collected from various sources like internet, human interaction, database etc. These data can be in the form of text, audio, image, video etc.
  2. These data are unstructured and unsaturated. They do not convey any meaning to the artificial intelligence. So these data are processed in the  form of information that ai system can acquire and can fit them into the algorithms.
  3. Now Processed data are used by the ai system to train its model. The model can be the mathematical representation or algorithms that sets the relation between pattern and data. Machine learning and deep learning are the part of artificial intelligence that helps to improve a machine or a system gradually by itself.
  4. During training, the ai model uses the relevant features within the data that are necessary to make the predictions and decisions.
  5. After training, the model is evaluated to asses its performance. During this the efficiency of the model is checked, it’s effectiveness, recall capability and working matrices will be evaluated.
  6. After the evaluation of the model, if it works accurate then it is integrated to the system which can make decision. Now the model will be working for real world and the new portion is added to the existing system.
  7. Now the above step will be continued by the ai system to follow throw the continuous learning and improving itself. Thus an Artificial intelligence will be more effective after the every step for the new user.

An  artificial system  always puts its advance result to the real world and if any discrepancy occurs then it tries to resolve that in the next result. 

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence not just limited to information technology sector but it has wide range of applications across various industries like healthcare, transport, finance, data security etc. You might have not aware about the background of the application that you are using, it is possible that the application is also based on the artificial intelligence. To solve the micro and complex tasks artificial initelligence comes into the picture to make easy for the human. 

  1. Virtual Assistants: You might have used Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa, which are powered by Artificial Intelligence. These A.I. tools works on the basis of machine learning and natural language processing that regulates the user queries and  generates the relevant information or output.
  2. Personalized Recomendations: You might have noticed that while using Youtube or other streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. the related contents are listed based on the preference or previously watched content. Thus A.I. algorithms analyze your preference, history data and behaviour to suggest the related contents on your streaming platform.
  3. Self Driving Vehicles: You have heard about the Tesla self driving cars or waymo cars which are the more advance self driving cars. These all are based on the artificial intelligence and they can make the decisions, navigate the security and can capture the enviroment effectively. This artificial intelligence technology is based on computer vision, motion of the objects, sensor fusion and detection of all the possible road conditions like traffic signals, turning points, breaker, obstacles etc.
  4. Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is used in the essential part of the medical diagnosis like prediction of the disease outcomes by analyzing the patient data and also suggest the relevant cure. It also helps in the microbiology to understand the structure of micro organism.
  5. Predictions: Artificial Intelligence analyzes the data pattern and based on that makes the predictions. It is engaged in the fields like stock market, wether forcasting, sales forcasting etc. 
  6. Chatbot: Thus A.I. can do the natural language processing as it can understand the human language. Now it can respond to voice messages, written text or any input which is understandable to it. It can be used as a translator in many languages and also for physically disabled person to teach the sign language.
  7. Image and biometric recognition: Once the data is feeded in the artificial intelligence tool, it starts analyzing the data by itself and point out  all the possible biometrics from fingers or face to recognize the same person again. This kind of tools are often used in the highly secured place like banking, defence, research lab etc.
  8. Robotics: An artificial intelligence robot is capable of making decisions and understanding the working pattern. An ai robot can work more efficiently in the manufacturing and production field without getting exhaust. We often listen about the robots which are working on the restaurants, hotels, at the airport and in the hospital etc. which defines the wide range of ai robots.

These are just the few examples of the artificial intelligence which are more highlighted. Apart from them there are many fields where artificial intelligence making presence and gradually increasing its range.

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